About Us

Will Jewelry & Loan is the oldest and largest full service pawnshop in West Virginia.  Celebrating our 30th year in business.  We have been family owned and operated since our opening in 1986.


Will Jewelry & Loan is a member of the National Pawnbroker’s Association.  We practice all of the National Pawnbroker’s Association’s “Code of Ethics”.  We also adhere to the NPA’s suggested list of “Best Practices for Pawnbrokers”.  Will Jewelry & Loan was one of the founding members of the West Virginia Pawnbroker’s Association, and continues to be a participating member.


We are the Valley’s only “EXPERT SHORT TERM LOAN SPECIALIST”.  Our goal is to loan you the most on your quality merchandise!


Will Jewelry & Loan serves the average community.  Most of our customers have regular jobs who have dreams for themselves and their children.  Most Americans in today’s economy have pressing bills and unforeseen financial issues.  The Consumer Federation of America found that more than 50% of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck.  We offer Short Term Loans to individuals and families who do not have the time or means to wait up to 30 days to obtain a conventional loan from a bank or credit union.


We strive to provide you with top quality merchandise for far less than retail prices while making your shopping experience a pleasant one.  Join the smart shopping consumers in the Charleston area and shop with Will Jewelry & Loan.