Jewelry Buying Tips

So, I just wanted to share some of the things to watch out for when buying jewelry. I’ve picked these up working in the jewelry business.
1. Sizing – Always ask if it can be sized to fit you. Sometimes (particularly if it needs to be sized more than 2 sizes) it can’t be done without compromising the integrity of the mounting, or causing you to lose stones. So, be sure to ask your salesperson. If they give you that deer in the headlights look, ask the jeweler on site.
2. Multi Stone or Pie Cut Diamond Rings

Multi Stone Ring
Multi Stone Ring


Pie Cut Ring
Pie Cut Ring

These are a great way to save money on a ring with a large carat weight. But, it can sometimes be difficult to find a jeweler willing to work on them. Sometimes, you have to send them back to the manufacturer. So, keep that in mind when considering these options.
3. Diamond Pave
Oh my gosh, just about anything with this flies off of the shelf & I love the look myself. But, anytime you buy something like this, be sure to have your jeweler ensure that all the stones are tight. These guys have a tendency to lose stones.
bridal with pave accents
As long as you know ahead what to watch for and what to ask your salesperson for, you’ll do just fine selecting an beautiful piece for your collection!
Happy shopping!
Humbly yours,
Lisa Milam

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3 thoughts on “Jewelry Buying Tips”

  1. Hi, I followed a link to your blog and I like this post a whole
    lot. You give some thoughtful points. Where may I
    find out more?

  2. I appreciate that you suggest to have the jeweler make sure all the stones are tight. I remember my sister had this problem with her wedding ring. She has really small hands and had to size the ring so that it’d fit her finger. When she got the ring back she wore it for a week and then noticed that a couple stones were loose. She immediately sent it in to get fixed because she didn’t want to lose any of them.

  3. I thought it was interesting how the article mentioned that sizing more than 2 sizes can affect the integrity of your ring mounting. It even says it can cause you to lose stones! I wanted to get my wife a new ring for her birthday, so I’ll be sure to keep that advice in mind at the jewelry store when picking out a ring for her.

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