We loan on anything of value. You can have as many loans at one time as you choose. You must be 18 years of age or older to legally obtain a pawn loan in the state of WV.


How Does A Pawnshop Work?

When a customer receives a pawn loan, they leave an item of agreed upon value, as collateral in exchange for their short term cash needs. The item remains in the store until the customer repays the original loan amount plus applicable fees (interest), at which time the item is returned.


I need a loan. What do I need to bring with me?

That’s simple. Just bring a valid, US Government issued, WV picture ID or WV Drivers License, and the item you want to borrow money on.


What kinds of items do you accept?

We accept gold,  fine gold watches, firearms, bows and sporting goods, TV’s, DVD players, stereos, cameras, iPads, iPods, musical instruments, laptops, tablets,  games and game systems, tools, and many, many other varieties of merchandise. As long as an item is in good condition and includes all attachments for operation, there’s a good chance we’ll consider it for a loan. Please be sure to bring all remotes, cables, attachments, accessories, and any other necessary items needed to operate the product to its full capabilities.


How much can I get for my valuables?

Loan amounts depend on the market value and condition of the item, as well as your standing account with us.


Is my item going to be safe?

Absolutely. Will Jewelry and Loan uses surveillance cameras, alarms, and safes, in addition to meticulous record keeping, to ensure that your valuables are safe and sound.


What are the terms of my loan?

Each loan is a 30-day loan, with a 7-day grace period. It is not necessary to redeem the item after the first 30 days. If more time is needed, an interest payment can be made to extend your loan another 30 days from the initial due date. There is no limit regarding how long an item can be in pawn. There is no limit regarding the number of items that can be in pawn at one time.


Can I call to get info about my loan?

Yes, and no.  All loans are confidential and we take your confidentiality very seriously. Therefore, we prefer for you to come into the store personally with any questions concerning your account. This ensures that we are guarding your privacy to the best of our ability.


What if I lose my ticket?

 As long as you have your valid, government issued photo ID, you’ll be able to redeem your items, no problem. In the event you lose your ticket, notify us immediately and we will note your account.